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What You Should Know About Family Law Mediation In Sydney

Family law mediation in Sydney refers to the method of resolving disputes between people facing conflict in their marriages or with their children. People struggling with separation and custody issues are often encouraged to work with services for family law mediation in Sydney.

What is it?

The process of family law mediation in Sydney comes in many different forms, it can be very casual – just talking to friends or relations about a dispute or it can be much more formal with a professional mediator in attendance.

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Disputes sometimes only involve just a few people such as ex-partners or they can involve the extended unit of relatives. It can also be about child custody or child protection issues. The process can involve a full conference of all people involved or it can be simpler. Usually, when issues can’t be resolved with family law mediation in Sydney the matter will be referred to the courtroom and a judge will instead rule on the case. Taking issues to court can be a long, complex and expensive process which is why family law mediation in Sydney is often a preferential option, its main aim is to avoid forcing people into the courtroom. It plays an important role in alleviating some of the pressure on courtrooms. The process encourages people to resolve disputes more peacefully and come to their own agreements on arrangements. The process usually involves a discussion between parents, it often also involves friends or other people stepping in to help, it can also involve general processes for family law mediation in Sydney. It is a useful tool for navigating emotional conversations or the complexities of managing discussions and disputes over property and children after the end of a relationship. The formal process involves appointing an accredited dispute resolution practitioner.

Dispute resolution

Dispute resolution is a professional form of family law mediation in Sydney that assists people with coming to agreements. The process involves having people discuss their issues and considers different options to resolve problems and also encourages putting the focus on any children involved.

The main aim of the process is to help participants come up with custody arrangements and plans and to get them to agree on their parenting arrangements. It is a practical and affordable way for people to sort out parenting plans and other issues.

It may not be the most appropriate choice if you need to formalise any agreements made with consent order or if abuse is an issue. You will also need to proceed to court if you receive an application to court and may want to consider court for urgent matters, if one person is refusing to participate and if a person has shown serious disregard for the law or court orders in the past.

The practitioners

Practitioners of family law mediation in Sydney are excellent because they are the experts in dispute resolution and can help people to come to suitable arrangements. They are specifically trained in negotiation tactics and at remaining neutral; they are there to help people resolve problems not to take sides. They are highly trained in a legal setting and often have experience navigating domestic violence issues. They’re also skilled in creating a comfortable and safe environment for people to discuss their issues.


Many people wonder how long the process will actually take but it’s totally up to the specific circumstances of the people involves, it can be a few hours or a number of days. Some issues can take much longer to resolve especially when they involve kids.

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