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What Can Be Learned From Building Condition Reports?

If you are buying, selling, or managing a property, then a building condition report can be a very useful thing to have. Knowledge is power and having a professional opinion on the state of the property will mean you are adequately equipped to deal with any questions that may arise that are related to it.

This is especially true for those who are seeking to purchase a property and invest money into it. A building condition report will allow them to see if there are any hidden issues with the property and act accordingly. This can then be used to negotiate a lower price or inform a decision to walk away from the investment, knowing that there are fatal flaws with the property than cause you to lose interest.

So that you can have a better idea of what these kinds of documents entail, the following will detail the kinds of things you can learn from building condition reports.

Insect infestations

Home Inspector creating a building condition reports

While insects are an essential part of the ecosystem (however we might despise them), nobody wants their home or business to play host to an infestation. While some insects like kitchen cockroaches are obvious, others can be quite well-hidden and be a major problem if they are not dealt with quickly after being discovered by a building condition report.

One of the most destructive insect infestations would have to be termites. They are small but voracious, and they breed quickly. Termites are notable because they eat wood, meaning that if left to their devices, they will compromise the structural integrity of a structure with wooden supports within it.

There have been lots of examples of homes becoming unsafe to live in when the extend of a terrible termite infestation. It’s essential to determine if this kind of infestation is present in a property.

Plumbing issues

Everyone knows that plumbing problems are some of the messiest and most inconvenient to deal with. Nobody wants to move into a new home and realise that their hot water is not working or that they have a hidden leak, and this is another reason why building condition reports are so important.

Identifying a hidden plumbing issue early on can mean that the problem is solved without much expense and does not become a major problem later on. Failing to identify and correct a major flaw in a plumbing system can have absolutely disastrous results.

Electrical issues

Of course, electrical issues can be a major problem and can be just as bad as problems with the plumbing. Making sure the property has good and safe wiring is a key part of a building condition report.

Knowing that different areas of the house, such as the living room and kitchen, are getting the right voltage is key. If you have too much or too little in one place, it can cause serious problems.

Electrical issues are nothing to scoff at, and they can even prove to be deadly if not handled in the correct manner. A building condition report is a very important part of identifying and dealing with electrical issues before they are discovered later on.

This can mean things like cabling being exposed to water or something else that can cause serious damage. Sometimes a vermin infestation like rats can gnaw on cables and make them unsafe. Don’t take the risk of not investigating the electrical wiring of the property you are dealing with.

Well, there you have it. Those are some of the most important things you can discover by getting a building condition report.

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