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Cosmetologist doing an eyebrow tattoo in Sydney to a female customer

The Top 5 Choices For A Fabulously Flashy Sydney Cosmetic Tattoo

These days, getting a Sydney cosmetic tattoo is becoming the trend, not only in the city – but around the world. The range of options being thrown at us is overwhelming at the best of times with so many ways to upgrade our looks with a few spots of ink and a trained eye.

With so many choices at our fingertips for a semi-permanent Sydney cosmetic tattoo, we thought we’d lighten to load and give our personal choices for our personal favourites in the field.

The Top 5

1.   Microblading

One of the foremost and popular options for a cosmetic tattoo is an eyebrow tattoo in Sydney or more commonly known as microblading. Gaining a worldwide appeal and prominence in no small part thanks to social media and socialites touting it as the next big trend.

The process involves the precise use of a manual needle and ink to spot through the eyebrow area to facilitate the illusion of a thicker or more shaped brow. While it depends on the beautician you visit, it may be called something like ‘brow feathering’ or ‘semi-permanent brows’, the concept remains the same. Although, don’t get caught out between the permanent and semi-permanent options as there are some who offer a permanent brow.

2.   Freckles

A niche choice for Sydney cosmetic tattoo lovers, the freckle range is divisive in the beauty community due mainly to the excessive after-care that goes into the process. It is how it sounds, with the concept being singular spots of the face or body being marked with a natural looking ink to showcase a more freckled and innocent look for the wearer. Particularly popular for people who have lost their freckles over the years and yearn for the look once again.

Due to the ink fading faster and in different rates, this Sydney cosmetic tattoo is a choice for those who have the time and patience for continual checks and updates over shorter spans of time.

3.   Eyeliner

Another very popular option for the Sydney cosmetic tattoo industry, this process involves the use of a very precise hand to ink the eyeline for a semi-permanent eyeliner look. This is particularly favoured by those in the community who have thinner or patchy eyelashes and want to bolden up their look with a natural alternative to consistent make-up touch ups.

This popular Sydney cosmetic tattoo also has the caveat of lasting for quite a while with the proper care, which can save precious moments in the morning for a long time to come.

4.   Lip Blushing

One for the braver souls, this instance of a Sydney cosmetic tattoo looks beautiful in the end but takes a high pain threshold to achieve. The process involves adding a blushed colour to the lips – this can make the hue look however the wearer desires without going to the blush every so often. The pain threshold kicks in with the necessity to often have multiple touch ups before the end result is achieved. This is due to the pigment in lips taking a few more rounds to achieve a noticeable change.

However, for those who yearn for a bold and alternative look, this style of Sydney cosmetic tattoo could be the one for you. 

5.   Scar Coverings

One of our personal favourite uses of a Sydney cosmetic tattoo lies in the use of the process to cover scars and markings. Previous years had less elegant solutions to cover scarring or other unwanted marks, however with the advent of the modern Sydney cosmetic tattoo, there are a range of beauty options to subtly enhance the good and hide the unwanted. This is a personal favourite of ours as it gives people the chance to feel confident again, without resorting to painful treatments.


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