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The Benefit of Early Bookings for Corporate Flu Vaccinations in Australia

Industry leaders, corporate executives and managers have all encountered horror stories about the impact of flu season on their businesses.

Whether it began with one individual in accounts or introduced through a third party courier, the coughing and sneezing becomes infectious around the autumn and winter months as the cold begins to bite hard.

This is an issue that applies across the commercial spectrum, from manufacturing and retail to hospitality, IT development, education, agriculture and beyond.

The benefit of booking in early for corporate flu vaccinations in Australia becomes all the more apparent for those in a position of power, being able to influence the health and wellbeing of their most valuable commodity – their people.

Here we will take stock of these specialist medical programs and detail why they should be organised well in advance of the inoculations.

Proactive Solution To Minimise Risk

Studies have indicated that approximately 25% of employees will encounter an illness over the span of the winter months. By utilising early bookings for corporate flu vaccinations in Australia, organisations are able to get on top of the issue before it spirals out of control. It is a byproduct of sound corporate culture, attacking a problem before it manifests out of control and changing a proactive scenario into a reactive one.

Improving Workplace Efficiency

There is often an unwritten rule for some workplaces that dictates employees should forge ahead even when they are feeling under the weather. From extensive coughing and sneezing to feeling fatigued, dehydrated and experiencing joint pain, these ailments can quickly spread. They do not help anyone’s cause when they are left to fester and it is the best reason to embrace corporate flu vaccinations in Australia early in the piece. When these employees turn up, they are on the clock and billing the company – so why not ensure that time is well spent when in top condition?

Avoiding The Last Minute Rush


Early bookings are key for corporate flu vaccinations in Australia because this exercise is quickly becoming common practice among brands and industries. Whilst the program can be quickly implemented and completed within a limited timeframe, these specialists need time to ensure that all details are above board. From the preparation phase to the transport of doctors, the inoculation process, the monitoring period and the reporting, this is not a series of actions that can be fast tracked for the sake of convenience. Duty of care stipulates ultimate precision from these operators, so the responsibility lies with the business to make the booking early to avoid a backlogged schedule.

Save Corporate Revenue

Corporate flu vaccinations in Australia cost money to operate and to run top to bottom. By engaging early bookings ahead of schedule, clients are able to ensure their proactive approach is rewarded internally, keeping the cost of the exercise within the parameters of the day itself and not beyond. This is an approach that eliminates sick leave entitlements by reducing absentee levels and costing the organisation money up front. Whilst these businesses have to adhere to these regulations under the terms of full-time contracts, they are frustrating for managers because it is money that could be saved for genuine medical emergencies that cannot be foreseen months in advance.

Superior Results Compared With Single Vaccination Endeavours

The notion of ‘herd immunity’ might sound obscure, but there is truth to the concept in the context of corporate flu vaccinations in Australia. By engaging these professional medical outlets, companies see a 25-35% drop in influenza-related absenteeism. It is an indication of the efficiency and effectiveness of the initiative, ensuring that all surrounding participants are protected from infection and exposure.

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