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Man meeting his boss for the internship

Reasons To Consider An Internship

There are many internships available in virtually every field, from design internships to engineering internships, there are so many different options available to you! Internships provide a valuable stepping stone from the end of your higher education learning into the real world of a career in an industry that you want to work in.

Internships are important as it gives you the experience you need to get a full paying job. Also, if you are particularly good at what you do throughout your internship, you might even be offered a role within the company after your internship has ended.

It is a good idea to consider applying for as many relevant internships as possible, so for example, if you are studying civil engineering, make sure you apply to engineering internships!

It is generally recommended that you apply for internships before your university degree has finished, usually the last year of your study. That way you can finish your degree, and enter the work with that extra bit of experience.

So, what makes internships really important to consider to kick-start your career? Well have a read on below at some of the most critical factors:


Three young people taking engineering internships

There are so many different opportunities that open up to you when you find yourself an internship. First and foremost, the opportunity to learn, as you have studied in the classroom, but now is the first time you will get actual real life experience and see what you studied put into action.

Then, there is the opportunity of the development of your career. Sometimes companies that offer internships are looking to hire a graduate after you have finished your degree. So there is the real possibility that you will have career opportunities within the company you have interned with.

As well as this, being able to show that you have successfully completed an internship on your resume will hopefully give you the leg up when you go to apply for other jobs at the start of your career.


Moving out of schooling and into the workforce can be a daunting and very new experience for a lot of university graduates. It is difficult to know what to expect as the experience is very foreign. If you are finding you lack the confidence, it might be a good idea to start with an internship to test the waters.

Also, if you are not particularly sure about which career path to take, being involved in at number of different internships that are still relevant to your degree can be helpful as you can learn and gain the confidence of what you like and what you don’t like.

That way, when it comes to choosing the start of your career path, you have a bit more confidence that you are making the right choice. The options are essentially endless these days, so you want to ensure you have all the options open to you and the confidence to choose the correct one.


Probably the main reason to consider an internship, the experience! You probably have little to no experience in the workforce of your chosen career. An internship is the perfect way to dip your toe in the water and gain really valuable experience that you can take with you to the next stage in your career.

You will learn so much in your internship and start to build up your experience bank to take with you when you graduate and beyond. The experience is also important to help you land your next role. So it is vital that if you haven’t already, you start to think about an internship.

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