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Popular trends in the IT sector:

A lot is happening in the world, and these things are what influence the economy and market around us. One of the critical segments that are currently dominating the world is the Information technology sector. The trends that have been pushing the IT sector to get better by the day are indeed notable – read on to know what precisely these trends are:


Chatbots came, saw and conquered! One of the most exciting developments of the IT sector are these chatbots, which are the best examples of improved customer service. The Chatbots reply like there’s a human sitting behind the answering PC, making the customers wonder – is it really a chatbot? That is the level of authenticity that prevails! And the trend of chatbots caught up with every other sector and industry pretty quick, so much so that almost every website has their chatbots in place now!



Augmented analytics:
Making the work of analysts easier, the augmented analytics is indeed every analyst dream come true! Complex data is presented in so simple a manner that it is easily understood and made use of by the analyst, to predict and have a better insight, which of course helps in better and confident decision making.


The cloud world:
In the current age, the Cloud is what rules! The importance of Cloud Computing has suddenly shot up, and the It industry is now gearing up to bring this into reality too. Although they will face some glitches in shifting towards the cloud technology, capable workforce being a significant issue they are currently facing, but yes – the cloud still stays!



Just like other sectors, the AI has taken even the IT sector by storm! This means cutting down on the workforce which can be easily substituted by AI. How far this will work is something we have yet to see, as implementing technologies which disrupt the employment scenario are always questionable. But anyway, AI is an excellent technological development which we’re all looking forward to!


Blockchain started off with cryptocurrencies – and now has its hold on almost every industry! The benefits of Blockchain are what have made every sector look forward to implementing it.  Decentralization is the core idea of Blockchain and introduction of this technology will washout the role of intermediaries and middlemen, leading to near-direct transactions between the producers and customers!


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