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Most famous lawyers –EVER!

This is a compilation of some of the best, most famous and known lawyers in all the years gone by – their epic victories, which still resonate not only in the world of law but also among the rest of the worlds. Some of these have even gone by, but their deeds, their nature and most importantly the way they presented themselves in the court is what stayed back with us forever. Let’s have a look at these stalwarts of the world of law:


  • Thurgood Marshall:
    Thurgood Marshall went on to be known for winning many complicated and tough cases in his career. His most noted case was Murray v. Pearson. Murray, a student, blessed with wonderful intellectuals and credentials – would have easily secured a seat in the prestigious University of Maryland School of Law – which unfortunately turned his admission down due to the color of his skin. This went to court, and the court ruled in favor of Murray – not after a well-fought battle by Thurgood. This ruling was historic as it went on to the removal of segregation in the state of Maryland forever.


  • Dan Webb:
    One guy, you definitely don’t want to face in court is Dan Webb. A mind-blowing criminal defense attorney, Dan is known far and wide for his reputation of cracking and winning the toughest of all cases. He is most known for his charm, which coupled with his immense knowledge and experience worked really well for him. His greatest achievement which probably he proudly displays and talks about is his role in exposing corruption in the Iran-Contra trials. He has represented quite a lot of famous companies too.


  • Joe Jamail:
    Bold and brazen – this attitude of Joe Jamail was what he carried into the court too. He was known for winning high-profile cases, which made him a millionaire in a matter of a few years. He had a knack of tackling tough cases and winning them for his clients. He always maintained a personal rapport with them all, remembering them even after years together. The way he fought his cases – with sheer passion, keeping the true spirit of law intact is something worth admiring.


  • Mary Jo White:
    A fearless lawyer, she tackled the most powerful of all criminals and cases related to them with an ease of an experienced lawyer. She oversaw the successful prosecution of the terrorists involved in the 1983 World Trade Centre bombing. She was also appointed for investigation of various controversial pardons, and her work ethic and skill of using the law in its true meaning is what made her go down the history as one of the ten most famous lawyers of all time.

So lawyers out there – you sure know who to name your idols as now!

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