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Keyword Optimisation Tips You Need In 2019

You probably already have a keyword list filled with words you are looking to target, but this doesn’t mean you set and forget. You should always be looking for ways to optimise your keyword list. This is because SEO is an ever changing and evolving beast. In order to stay on top, you will also need to change and adapt – or get a Sydney SEO company to help you.

Keyword tactics that were considered best practice just a few years ago and now no longer effective. Google’s algorithm is getting more complex by the day, which means you will need a new approach to your keywords if you still want to have an impact in this day and age.

Despite the fact that keyword optimisation has changed, this hasn’t impacted the overall importance of keywords in your SEO strategy. Keyword research still remains one of the most important tasks to perform when conducting your SEO. You will also need to adapt to changes as your business itself grows as well as your user habits.

Have a look below at some of the new and exciting aspects of keyword optimisation that should certainly become part of your decision making process:

Keyword Checklist

A checklist is very helpful in assisting you to keep track of all the different aspects of keyword optimisation. Keyword optimisation can be quite daunting, as you need to think about every section of your site. This is where the checklist can make things easy and you have something to fall back on if things get confusing.

There are also all different types and categories of keywords to think about. You should look to segment these keywords into different groups based on the topics they include as well as the conversion rate. It is also important to include data such as search volume and difficulty score for each keyword.

It is also a good idea to have a poke around to see what your competitors are doing. They might be targeting keywords that you haven’t even thought about, and then you can go and beat them at their own game. You also need to align any new keywords (and existing) with the corresponding page. Remember, that you can have more than one target keyword per page.

Keyword Audit

keyword audit graph

As explained in the introduction, things in SEO do change and therefore it is important for you to run a keyword audit on a semi regular basis to ensure you are not missing out on any opportunities as well as making sure there is nothing holding you back.

There is good news here, there are a number of quality SEO audit tools (which include an audit of keywords). So, it could be a good idea to investigate the variety of audit tools available and choose the one that best suits your needs. SEO Site Checkup is a great place to stay as it is a free tool and they provide a basic overview of what is happening on your site.

Long Tail Keywords

Many people seem to underestimate the true power of long tail keywords, they can be really effective and help you achieve your keyword ranking goals even faster. As well as this, with the use of voice search on the rise, long tail keywords are actually getting searched more often then you probably think.

Long tail keywords generally take a lot less time to rank highly for, because they aren’t as competitive as short tail keywords. The search volume for long tail keywords is usually a lot smaller. However, you will usually find that with long tail keywords you are getting the right traffic to your site, traffic that will actually convert.

Keyword Trends

Things are always changing and no matter the industry you are in there are almost certainly new keyword trends. You should always try to keep up with the latest trends, as you could be able to capitalise on a large boost to your traffic.

The good news is that there are a number of keyword tools that can help you find some trending words. Obviously, you’ll need to find the ones that are actually relevant to your business and industry. Another place that would be a good place to look for keyword trends is Google Correlate they can find you seasonal trends.

Mobile Keywords

Mobile users tend to be different to that of desktop users, and therefore they search for different things. It could be a good idea to place some additional emphasis on the keywords you are looking to target for mobile devices.

Mobile users usually have shorter searches, most likely due to the smaller keyboard. As well as this, a large proportion of searches on mobile are location based, so it is vital you include these types of keywords in your list. For example; “near me” or “in [SUBRUB]” are highly used on mobile devices.

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