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Delicious snacks served in a corporate catering

Everything You Need To Know About Corporate Catering

Most companies have corporate events where the employees meet, share ideas, and experience new dealings. During this time, having good food to go with it will come in handy. Food and ample ambiance enable people to open up freely and share more than ideas. For small gatherings, you can get cooked food from home. While most people enjoy the homemade delicacy, it doesn’t compare to food prepared by talented chefs in the field. That is where corporate catering services come into play. The service aids in getting rid of boundless experiences in corporate events and helps build a name for the company. Read this article in its entirety to find out more about corporate catering.

What is Corporate Catering?

It is a business set to supply food for company employees. The service can either be daily or on occasions such as training or meeting. These services can either be provided by companies that major in corporate catering or restaurants offering catering services. The companies that offer these services have the experience of delivering the right food that goes with the audience and the event. You can also choose to request the kind of food you want to be supplied for the event.

When ordering food for a large group of people in the office, it becomes a bit complex. It is because you have to give the caterer ample time to prepare the food you request. This is especially true when you have certain preferences on the kind of food you want for the event. The caterer will have to organize how the food will get to you and, of course, how it will be served. All this requires sufficient time to prepare.

Daily vs. Occasional Catering

Some companies cater for lunch daily, whereas others incorporate catering services on special events.

Lunch is quite costly for most employees in a company. Therefore, a company that caters to daily food, its employees show their appreciation by working harder. In this case, the ordering of food is solely left to the HR or administrative assistant.

Additionally, for occasional catering, the same individuals in the company are tasked with the responsibility of ordering the food. Whichever the case, food always comes to mind on the day of long meetings. This is because the employees are required to spend most of the time in the meeting and little to find food. That is why a company should be prepared to outsource catering services whenever there are such meetings or events.

Types of Corporate Catering

Catering differs from one caterer to the other. However, you will notice a constant pattern in corporate catering. Below are the common types.

Specific Orders

Here, every employee gives out their order to the admin which is then submitted to the catering company. Each person will get their meal as ordered. Mostly, this is done through a restaurant or a food delivery app.


This is when a restaurant provides large trays of different types of food where everyone is served what they prefer.


Platters can be anything of a coarse meal, side dish, and plenty of dessert meals. Here, you choose from plenty of available options and since the food comes in large amounts, the prices are often discounted.

Restaurant on Demand

Here, some restaurant employees will come to your office and jolt down orders. They then deliver the orders and come to pick the dishes later.

Food Truck

Food trucks can also provide corporate catering for a specific period.

Including corporate catering in your company is a great idea for many reasons. For one, your employees will greatly appreciate the gesture and put on extra effort to soaring your company to greater levels. Secondly, it saves time which also enables productivity and interaction. Thirdly, it sells the company’s name and helps recruit and retain good employees.

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