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6 Effective SEO Tips for Sole Contractors

The world of SEO is open to everyone and anyone who has a brand to market on the web.

Although it is a complex manipulation of content and algorithm data that appears to be beyond the scope of most average users, it is not as scary as it would seem.

It is an exercise that should particularly entice sole contractors, giving them the tools to gain an edge and acquire authentic leads without having to spend thousands through traditional marketing methods.

Here we will discuss 6 effective tips that any self-employed individual can use, giving them the framework for sustainable success.

1) Set a Workable Budget

One of the greatest aspects that a great SEO company knows is that it always remains fluid. What worked in one week is not necessarily the method that should be applied today. That opens a world of possibilities but also offers challenges where budgets start to extrapolate and spin off into tangents. By setting the stall out with a budget in mind, outlining anything between $50 a week to $500 or $3,000 per month, the user will know where their boundaries are set.

2) Know Your Target Audience

A common mistake that sole contractors will experience as they embark on search engine optimisation techniques is the need to just throw money at the problem. The fact remains that businesses must have in-depth knowledge about who their target audience is, what they like, what they dislike and the types of messages that they will respond to. This is a method that delves deep into their psyche and their behaviours, offering the type of data that informs future digital campaigns. It is the approach that allows operators to cut out the guesswork from the practice. 

3) Take Advantage of Free Applications 

Why spend cash on SEO activities when there are free outlets to leverage? Especially with the use of Facebook and Google analytics, this is key information that is available at the click of a button. In 2020 these dashboards expand on all of the details – telling the operator the amount and quality of traffic. It will detail demographics and value for money. Don’t waste that resource when there is no telling when this information could come at a cost in the future.

4) Optimise Mobile Load Speed  

Two key factors that can be overlooked by self-employed participants in the field of SEO is the need to improve website loading speed and mobile performance. Both concepts are almost one and the same, ensuring that brands who master this criteria leap ahead of the cue. Free applications will give a diagnoses in this respect, detailing the mobile load speed and identifying any shortcomings that could be hampering performance.

5) Balance SEO With PPC

While sole contractors will be giving themselves a rundown about the viability of SEO, they will soon be presented with the topic of pay-per-click or PPC spots. Just like we see with Google, Instagram and Facebook advertisements, brands pay their way to accelerate their online visibility. Businesses in this setting won’t receive the same type of traffic they are looking for without sustained optimisation though. This is where a balance must be struck.  

6) Stay Persistent & Seek Help

Let’s be honest – sole contractors who work across the private sector should not be expected to know the intimate details of SEO. This is a digital science that takes years to understand, let alone master. However, there are enough case studies to glean some key lessons from the exercise. Persistence and patience is a major indicator, helping those individuals who won’t actually see returns for their work until at least 3-4 months down the line. There are also advantages for those who seek guidance, giving them the insights that others are too proud to look for.

By spending as little as a few hours running the rule over basic techniques, self employed operators can make serious gains with their digital visibility. This is an exercise that is only as intricate and confusing as participants allow it to be. By speaking with trusted sources and getting a grasp of some effective techniques, new phone calls and emails will come through the feed week in and week out.

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