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3 Ways To Make Friends As An Adult

Forming relationships with people is an essential part of life. After all, humans are social creatures, and there is something unnatural about being misanthropic and not wanting to interact with anyone else.

While some of the connections we form as children and in adolescence can last a lifetime, it can sometimes be harder to make friends as an adult. The following will examine some of the best ways to make friends in Sydney as an adult.

1.   Join a class

Shared interest is one of the easiest ways to form a connection with someone as you both already have something you can discuss in detail and relate to each other about. This could be any kind of class or activity you can do after work or on the weekends. This could be a sports team or just a hobby that you can sit down and enjoy with others.

It can sometimes be hard to try and form new connections with people you’ve never met before. Having a shared interest is a great icebreaker, and before long, you’ll start discussing each other’s lives outside of the shared interest.

2.   Talk to new people at social gatherings

While many events like birthdays and weddings will bring strangers together to celebrate a mutual connection, not everyone will take the chance to mingle. Often, people will stick with their pre-established groups, and this can hinder your ability to make friends in Sydney in these situations.

However, like a class, you still have a mutual interest that you can use to break the ice. At a wedding, you can ask a stranger how they know the bride and groom and instantly jump into an interesting conversation with them.

Try to approach people from your own age range as they will have more to relate to you about. Try discussing things like what careers you are in and see if there are any points of similarity. Even if you both just work in an office, there are things about working in an office you can relate to each other about.

3.   Use an online chat room

online meeting

Of course, in the 21st century, the internet is one of the places many people habitually spend their time. Chat rooms and, more recently, social media sites like Facebook are places where lots of people congregate and speak to each other without physically meeting.

A lot of people will make friends in Sydney via their social media profiles. Similar to classes, social media allows people to connect easily through shared interests. For example, you might meet someone new through a social media fan page for a TV show you like.

In this way, the internet and social media are a great way to meet new people based on shared interests in TV, film, and other media. This is especially true for fandoms that are very small and have a niche appeal, where it might otherwise be impossible to find someone within a convenient distance who enjoys the same thing as you do.

This also goes for video game communities as well. While traditionally seen as something for kids, plenty of people can make friends as an adult while playing a video game.

As you can see, there’s no shortage of ways for you to make friends as an adult. While older people can sometimes find it more difficult to trusts others and break out of their comfort zone, it is still certainly very possible.

Give one of the above methods a try, and you will see how easy it really is to make friends as an adult.

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