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A Few Double Checks To Ensure You’re Shopping The Best Small Bong On The Right Smoke Shop

Senior man lighting cannabis in a small bong

Like any purchase made on the internet, an online smoke shop should be held to the same standard as any generic retailer that you trust to deliver the goods in prim and proper condition. There should always be some form of double-checking taking place when you’re in the internet retailer space, with so many options for an online smoke shop in Australia and around the world, it can be a little daunting when deciding who to trust with your cash and payment details.

These are a few of the ways to stay safe in an online smoke shop and a few of our tips for double checking yourself to ensure you’re not left in the dust when it comes time to buying a cheap small bong. While there are a great many ways to check the validity of a website, there are still some sneaky tricks that can come into play, as well as personal choices you may have to make in terms of what you want to spend and the types of products you want to be purchasing.

It all culminates to this.

Reputable Company

Reputation matters, especially in the online smoke shop community. A reputation can make or break any company after a long enough time, with so many competitors, the reputation comes from the whole experience of shopping on the internet. From customer service to delivery methods, so having a company with a good reputation is a solid start and good indicator of the quality of the online smoke shop.

Finding out if a company is reputable is easy enough, their testimonials are always a good start especially on third party sites where there’s no chance of editing the comments which can occur on some occasions.

Privacy Policy & Terms

Having a solid privacy policy and terms and conditions for an online smoke shop is a very good and noble aspect to pay attention for. Not only is it important to have a policy in place in case of an issue regarding a purchase, but also in their policies surrounding returns or exchanges which can be an issue on occasion.

You’ll want to have some assurance that any online smoke shop you’re purchasing from has some form of business ethics and acumen to feel a little more confident in purchasing from them. 

Decent Range for Your Tastes

Having a decent range for your taste is an essential aspect for an online smoke shop that is worth the money. Many retailers offer very different options for your smoking needs so ensuring you’re at the right retailer is a step in the right direction.

Ensuring you find a retailer you connect with on some level is essential for the enjoyment of the products.

Secure Connectivity

That little padlock in the corner of the website is also a great benefactor for any savvy internet purchaser, having this assurance in the corner of your page will extend to alleviating any concerns about the security of the online smoke shop you’re exploring.

Price Appropriate

Having a price-appropriate online smoke shop is essential for your shopping experience. After all, there are some very upmarket and upscale options available for those looking for a more enhanced smoking experience. Having a gander through their available items will give you a good gauge as to whether they are the right retailer for you.

In the end, finding the right online smoke shop is half the fun, the retailers that are worth the time and money are always happy to oblige and answer any queries you may have. You could be an amateur or veteran, it’s always best to be safe when shopping through the internet.

Essential Benefits for Clients Securing Beauty Insurance

Beauty salon with beauty insurance

Cosmetic centres and salons who are in the market for beauty insurance might be cautious about paying for a service that they might not even need.

This is the dilemma with any type of insurance investment, but there are unique qualities in play for those members who do cover their essential assets with these policies.

Clients will look to weigh the positives against the negatives in this instance.

Rather than dismissing the idea for the sake of saving some money in the short-term, it is advantageous to see what benefits are in play for owners and managers who take the leap forward with these providers.

Tapping Into Competitive Insurance Market

The good news for salon owners and operators who are exploring the field of beauty insurance is that they are spoiled for choice with various brands entering the market. From the high-end specialists who ensure that every domain is covered to the local outlets that offer a personable service, there is a wide array of coverage profiles. This is a significant advantage for those members who do not want to be constricted by the type of beauty insurance they can sign up for.

Bankruptcy Protection

Having to pay for damage, for legal fees, or recovering from internal mistakes can cost a business big time. So much so in some cases that the owners have to pick up the foreclosed sign. This is one of the major drivers behind the use of beauty insurance because it offers those financial guarantees that take bankruptcy off the table for local entrepreneurs.

Safeguard for Current Employees

Woman getting a hair treatment in a beauty salon

The innocent victims that are often left when the dust clears and the business has been closed will be the employees. Through no fault of their own they can be left without work and left unemployed as a result. The use of beauty insurance will help those owners keep their key assets employed and safeguarded, something that is not just beneficial from a financial standpoint but for the peace of mind that all owners should have for the wellbeing of their people.

Safeguard Against Impending Lawsuits

If there is one threat where salons and centres are concerned about the most, it will be the threat of a lawsuit that is handed down from a customer, from a neighbouring business, from another group or elsewhere in the market. Even if the case is successfully fought and won, the price and brand damage that is incurred can be fatal for the sake of the business. Through the engagement with a provider of beauty insurance, outlets are protected with the inclusion of professional representation and coverage.

Customising a Tailored Insurance Agreement

Thankfully there are many clients who will come across providers of beauty insurance where they can tailor and customise an agreement that works for their unique individual circumstances. Outlets have the chance to introduce business interruption cover, contents and stock cover, building insurance, portable equipment cover, professional indemnity or public liability according to their own needs. Once they have reflected on these prices and provisions, the choice will be up to them.

Foundation for Growth

Beauty salons and parlors who have the ambition to look beyond the horizon could very well feel restricted by potential hazards that might come their way in the future. Without that peace of mind that the business is secured logistically and financially, there is always a sense of hesitancy about the brand reaching its complete potential. Should those safeguards be put into place, then professionals have the room to strategise and build on their success rather than reverting to the mean and playing a conservative and cautious game.

Four Key Reasons For Getting Into Wagga Real Estate

Wagga real estate

The Wagga real estate boom is a good indicator for how the rest of the world is recovering post pandemic. With house prices steadily on the rise across the country, it’s no wonder that so many people are looking for a simpler change in a quieter neighbourhood. The Wagga real estate game is certainly a good one to be a part of if you’re looking for a good investment, or even that country lifestyle that is so desirable for those living in the metropolitan areas of the country. With median prices steadying off and heading in the upward direction, more people are looking at property as a more stable investment for the future, and with the population growing evermore, there will always be a market for roofs over heads.

While Wagga real estate is not the first thought a lot of people have when they consider investments, the median price is still averaging well below the metropolitan counterparts at $450,000 on average, the math does itself when compared to Sydney and interstate price bubbles.

Today we’re going to run through a few of the key arguments for getting into Wagga real estate.

1.   A Country Life

One of the principal reasons most people give for getting out of the city life is to enjoy the quiet and more simple ways of country living. While Wagga real estate is far from being a one carriage town, there are some wonderful views to be seen in its unique nature. Moreover, it is within the state of NSW so moving there wouldn’t be the hardest trip to achieve either. In the age of working from home fast becoming the new norm, it’s safe to see why so many people are opting for the quieter life outside the ravages of the skyscraper life and getting into Wagga real estate. 

2.   Decent Rent Returns

There is something to be said for good renters, and in surveys conducted in NSW and the rest of Australia regarding Wagga real estate, the renters are without a doubt some of the more trustworthy ones, with a high average of payments. This also lends itself into the investment aspect of consideration which we will get into below, having a steady and trustworthy income stream yields good potential for all involved and should not be overlooked.  

3.   Affordable With Investment Potential

As we mentioned already, Wagga real estate is very affordable, especially with the housing market on the rise. With the average price remaining well below the state average and people coming to NSW in droves every year, there is logic to assume that they will begin branching outward for anywhere in the vicinity. As more people invest in Wagga real estate, the more attention will be given to the area itself, which of course lends itself to assuming more upgrades and technological advances are sure to follow a hefty amount of investment.

4.   Give Your Family A Home With Room To Grow

While it may be everyone’s dream to have a large house in the big city, it’s simply not an option that can be afforded to a vast majority of us. In Australia, we can and should consider the notion that perhaps it might be a blessing in disguise that so many quieter neighbourhoods in the country have their own brand of open space for any growing family. Simply browsing the offers in Wagga real estate will tell you a lot about how large you can go in terms of property and the potential size of your home. 

Now is a better time than ever to start, so start your journey today and begin looking at what you can achieve with Wagga real estate.

Everything You Need To Know About Corporate Catering

Delicious snacks served in a corporate catering

Most companies have corporate events where the employees meet, share ideas, and experience new dealings. During this time, having good food to go with it will come in handy. Food and ample ambiance enable people to open up freely and share more than ideas. For small gatherings, you can get cooked food from home. While most people enjoy the homemade delicacy, it doesn’t compare to food prepared by talented chefs in the field. That is where corporate catering services come into play. The service aids in getting rid of boundless experiences in corporate events and helps build a name for the company. Read this article in its entirety to find out more about corporate catering.

What is Corporate Catering?

It is a business set to supply food for company employees. The service can either be daily or on occasions such as training or meeting. These services can either be provided by companies that major in corporate catering or restaurants offering catering services. The companies that offer these services have the experience of delivering the right food that goes with the audience and the event. You can also choose to request the kind of food you want to be supplied for the event.

When ordering food for a large group of people in the office, it becomes a bit complex. It is because you have to give the caterer ample time to prepare the food you request. This is especially true when you have certain preferences on the kind of food you want for the event. The caterer will have to organize how the food will get to you and, of course, how it will be served. All this requires sufficient time to prepare.

Daily vs. Occasional Catering

Some companies cater for lunch daily, whereas others incorporate catering services on special events.

Lunch is quite costly for most employees in a company. Therefore, a company that caters to daily food, its employees show their appreciation by working harder. In this case, the ordering of food is solely left to the HR or administrative assistant.

Additionally, for occasional catering, the same individuals in the company are tasked with the responsibility of ordering the food. Whichever the case, food always comes to mind on the day of long meetings. This is because the employees are required to spend most of the time in the meeting and little to find food. That is why a company should be prepared to outsource catering services whenever there are such meetings or events.

Types of Corporate Catering

Catering differs from one caterer to the other. However, you will notice a constant pattern in corporate catering. Below are the common types.

Specific Orders

Here, every employee gives out their order to the admin which is then submitted to the catering company. Each person will get their meal as ordered. Mostly, this is done through a restaurant or a food delivery app.


This is when a restaurant provides large trays of different types of food where everyone is served what they prefer.


Platters can be anything of a coarse meal, side dish, and plenty of dessert meals. Here, you choose from plenty of available options and since the food comes in large amounts, the prices are often discounted.

Restaurant on Demand

Here, some restaurant employees will come to your office and jolt down orders. They then deliver the orders and come to pick the dishes later.

Food Truck

Food trucks can also provide corporate catering for a specific period.

Including corporate catering in your company is a great idea for many reasons. For one, your employees will greatly appreciate the gesture and put on extra effort to soaring your company to greater levels. Secondly, it saves time which also enables productivity and interaction. Thirdly, it sells the company’s name and helps recruit and retain good employees.

Microblading Healing Process: What To Expect

Woman getting microblading treatment

Microblading is a cosmetic procedure used to fill your eyebrows. It is a form of tattooing to make the eyebrows look thicker and fuller. It is also known as micro-stroking, semi-permanent makeup, and 3-D eyebrow embroidery. So, how does the procedure work? During the microblading procedure, the technician uses a specialized tool with multiple needles to create tiny cuts around the eyebrow skin. 

After the cut, the technician carefully inserts pigment into the cut to create the feel of eyebrow hairs. You have the freedom to choose the pigment color that you want during the procedure. After the procedure, you must wait for the microblading healing process to complete to fully enjoy the effect.

Why Do People Opt for Microblading

Many reasons are responsible for why people go for microblading procedures. For some, it is simply for cosmetic and makeup purposes. For some others, some underlying health conditions prompt them into going for the procedure. People that suffer from a condition called madarosis are usually candidates for this procedure. 

Madarosis is a condition where an individual has lost eyebrow hairs. This can be caused by vitiligo, alopecia areata, overplucking, hypothyroidism, psoriasis, hyperthyroidism, chemotherapy, trichotillomania, skin infection, injury, or trauma. 

How Does the Microblading Healing Process Work?

Woman after her microblading healing process

This procedure involves cutting the skin. Therefore, before you go through the process, it is critical to understand the microblading healing process. With this, you can know what to expect from the moment you start the procedure. So, how does the healing process work? It takes about 25-30 days for it to heal. However, some factors may be responsible for how fast the skin heals. 

They include the age, skin type, and general health of an individual. Around the first tenth to fourteenth days, the appearance of the eyebrow will be different. The texture, color, and definition will change daily and you may also experience varying sensations around the area. 

After the procedure, you can expect your face to feel painful, tight, and tender. Within a few days, it becomes itchy and then flaky before it subsides. This is all part of the microblading healing process.

How Long Does Microblading Last?

After completing the procedure and the microblading healing process, you can expect the result to last for about eighteen to thirty months. It is recommended that you touch up the procedure every twelve to eighteen months. For every touch-up procedure you go through, it will take some time to heal, although it may not be as long as the initial microblading healing process. 

What to Expect During the Microblading Healing Process?

If you are going through this procedure for the first time, it is critical to discuss with the technician and ask questions on any area of concern that you may have. This is to ensure that you understand what it entails and how to manage the microblading healing process.

Day 1-3: Your face will feel tender but your eyebrows would look fuller. You may experience tenderness, redness, mild bleeding, mild swelling, and bruised sensation. By the third day, these would subside.

Day 3-5: Your eyebrow will begin to flake off but it will look darker and thickened. Your brows will be flaky around the fifth day and may become very itchy. This means the skin is healing.

Day 5-8: Expect more flaking, peeling, and scabbing. Do not pick the scabs to avoid reopening the wound and stalling the microblading healing process.

Day 8-12: The flaking will stop and the color will return.

Day 12-21: Your eyebrow color will look more natural ad even and the brow hairs will look more defined to create a feathery eyebrow appearance.

Day 21-30: The skill will completely heal and you would not feel any discomfort or pain anymore. The eyebrow will also look full and soft.

After about one month, you can begin to enjoy your eyebrow to the fullest. It is recommended that you make your follow-up appointment to ensure that the microblading healing process is perfect. 

Here Are The Incredible Benefits Of Workwear Supplies In Australia

Man in work wearing their appropriate workwear supplies

Workwear supplies are the best way to make sure that your outfit will get you ready for the job. There are many advantages that come with this ensemble including that it’s highly visible, incredibly robust, reducing injuries, and help you look professional. With all these incredible benefits, you can see why this office attire is the best option for your wardrobe.  In this article, we will be taking a look at the wonderful advantages that come with affordable workwear supplies.

This is what the major benefits of workwear supplies:

Easy to see

When you wear a high-resolution mens work shirt in Australia, you will be as bright as a highlighter. These items come in a range of different colours going from fluro orange to fluro yellow. With this intense colour, you will be able to stop traffic with this look. You will definitely be seen by any oncoming pedestrian or car, making sure to keep away from the construction project. Being able to be seen will prevent accidents and injuries as people will be able to take notice of you. With the bright colours, you don’t have to ever worry about not being able to be seen.


By having workwear supplies added to your closet, these pieces are heavily durable meaning it will last a very long time. The material is quite robust being able to move around with these items. Tradesman have to move around all day and need to wash their clothes on the daily therefore it is important to have clothes that are built to last. Workwear supplies are made of robust and strong material to ensure that tradies can wear this in everyday life without any chance of wear and tear. Feel confident that your clothes will not rip apart, giving you clothes that have a long shelf life.

Prevents injuries

If you’re looking for a risk-free solution to keep you protected from injury, workwear supplies are the best avenue. For instance, if you working outdoors you could be at risk of developing heatstroke or sunburn thus having attire that is SPF protected and includes a hat to your workwear supplies. By having as iterated in the last point a clothing item that is incredibly robust, you will have extra protection to keep you from getting injury such as being caught on fire as well as coverage from dust.

It was tailor made for you

When you wear workwear supplies you want an outfit that says you are a jack of all “trades”. By having a fresh set of clothing, this means you have less of a risk of your clothes looking scruffy or damaged. By having clothes that are presentable and professional looking, you will be able to make a good impression on others, feel good about yourself, and be able to get on the job by having these mens work shirts in Australia.

You can’t go wrong with one these workwear supplies to add to your office attire arsenal. There is a wonderful array of benefits to these wardrobes such as strength, risk-free, adds onto the professional look, and makes you much easier to be seen by other people.  You can expect with the help of this wonderful benefits you will for sure see that you will not have to worry about what to wear ever again with these workwear supplies.  You’ll definitely look perfect for the job by adorning on this slick look.

Reasons To Send Your Kids To A Punchbowl Childcare Centre

Kids inside a Punchbowl Childcare Centre

There are many reasons that you would want to send your child off to a Punchbowl childcare centre. Having a place that you can safely send your kid while you go to work is not only good for your sanity, but can also be good for your kid because they get to learn about interacting with others and can have fun spending time with their friends. Here are a few reasons why you should consider sending your kid to a childcare center in Punchbowl.

You are in the area

If you live near the Punchbowl area, then sending your child to a Punchbowl childcare centre is a great idea. The prices are relatively cheap for childcare centres and they can be found in good parts of town that provide a safe environment for your child. If you live or work in the Punchbowl area, then having your children nearby will not only make your trips easier to do, but they will also make it a lot more accessible for you to come to the childcare centre in case your child gets sick or an emergency happens.

You want your child to be social

We, as humans, are a social species, and as such, we need to learn early on how to interact with others that aren’t our own family. Sending your child off to a Punchbowl childcare centre or day-care will help give your child the social practise that they need in order to grow as a person and learn how to interact with others in society. Having your child go to a childcare centre when they are young gives them plenty of advantages when it comes to social interaction, and they can take the lessons that they learn in the Punchbowl childcare centre all the way into adulthood.

You want to get an early start on your child’s education

Two Girls Writing

Sending your child to a childcare centre is great for starting their education. It will prepare your child better for when they go off to school, if they haven’t started school yet, and give them the disciplinary tools that they will use in regular schools, such as talking to teachers and respecting other students. Even if you are able to take care of your child because you are a stay-at-home parent, sending your kid off to a childcare centre could help them a lot with their education.

Gives your child a schedule

Getting your child used to following a schedule is a very important lesson that has to be learned at some point in life. If the child is used to being at home and around you constantly, it will be harder for them to transition into the schedule-based system that we have formed as a society. Learning how to plan and get ready for the day is a necessary skill for living in the twenty-first century and should be taught as early as possible to children so that they can be as prepared as possible for their future.

Sending your child to a Punchbowl childcare centre is a great way to give them all of the advantages that they will need to use later on in life. While it isn’t as good of an education as sending them to school, it will teach them some lessons that you can’t really learn out of a book and give them as many advantages as possible. Going to day-care not only will give your child a good education, but it has been proven to increase their confidence and give them the best opportunities to learn before they go to school.

Selection Tips for a Local Hot Water Plumber

Hot water plumber regulating the power of the system

Suburban homeowners who want to find a quality hot water plumber can be a challenge from the outset, especially if they are new to the area or have installed a new system.

Whether it is a gas, electric, solar or heat pump appliance that has been utilised for the premises, it is important to have a professional who can run maintenance checks, can run repairs and ensure that the model is working to its highest capacity 24/7.

For those clients who want to be able to locate a good hot water plumber that meets their needs, they need to weigh up a number of factors before hiring them for these tasks.

Their Location

The initial selection tip that constituents should use with finding a hot water plumber is pinpointing an operator who is based in the area and can arrive on site without having to wait more than 30-40 minutes for a callout. There might be plumbers who have better credentials, but if they are more than an hour away, then residents can be left short for those emergencies that cannot wait.

Their Availability

There will be operators who work as hot water plumber between strict business hours on a Monday to Friday basis. Then there will be others who are extending themselves to emergency classifications, being available for early mornings, late nights, weekends, and public holidays. Take note of those brands that manage to find a balance, ensuring that scheduled and unscheduled requests are catered to.

Their Online Visibility

How the internet ranks a hot water plumber won’t be the complete picture, but it is a selection tip that helps to provide context about a brand. It is an effective method in 2021 because it will be a reflection of their popularity in the market and the level of resources they have at their disposal to respond to client requests.

Customer Rating Level

How high a hot water plumber ranks on Google will be one aspect of the selection process, but the comments and ratings from community members will be another metric altogether that has to be factored into the equation. If the selection process is thorough, men and women will read up on what other customers have said about their performance.

Degree of Resources

Residents have peace of mind when they hire a hot water plumber who is well equipped for the task. From their inspection cameras and wrenches to grinders, cutters, pliers, and cordless drills, they also have to have a fully functional truck, a reception desk, and a website to handle callouts and inquiries in real-time.

Industry Certification

Participants don’t want to be put in the position of hiring one of these plumbers before discovering that they do not have an operating license or any certification from industry associations. Without that insurance on hand and without acknowledgment from other peers, households are left exposed to operators who are unaccountable.

Price of Doing Business

What will be high on the agenda for families finding hot water operators will be the prices and fees that they charge their constituents. Although premiums will be placed on emergency callouts, their policies should still be in line with common industry expectations as well as providing an obligation-free quote for those scheduled projects that are on the cards.

Thankfully homeowners should only have to go through this process once to find a hot water plumber who delivers for them on these counts. As soon as they have connected with a specialist who knows the system and understands the type of warranty that the client has at their disposal, then it is simply a matter of scheduling maintenance checks.

Reasons To Consider An Internship

Man meeting his boss for the internship

There are many internships available in virtually every field, from design internships to engineering internships, there are so many different options available to you! Internships provide a valuable stepping stone from the end of your higher education learning into the real world of a career in an industry that you want to work in.

Internships are important as it gives you the experience you need to get a full paying job. Also, if you are particularly good at what you do throughout your internship, you might even be offered a role within the company after your internship has ended.

It is a good idea to consider applying for as many relevant internships as possible, so for example, if you are studying civil engineering, make sure you apply to engineering internships!

It is generally recommended that you apply for internships before your university degree has finished, usually the last year of your study. That way you can finish your degree, and enter the work with that extra bit of experience.

So, what makes internships really important to consider to kick-start your career? Well have a read on below at some of the most critical factors:


Three young people taking engineering internships

There are so many different opportunities that open up to you when you find yourself an internship. First and foremost, the opportunity to learn, as you have studied in the classroom, but now is the first time you will get actual real life experience and see what you studied put into action.

Then, there is the opportunity of the development of your career. Sometimes companies that offer internships are looking to hire a graduate after you have finished your degree. So there is the real possibility that you will have career opportunities within the company you have interned with.

As well as this, being able to show that you have successfully completed an internship on your resume will hopefully give you the leg up when you go to apply for other jobs at the start of your career.


Moving out of schooling and into the workforce can be a daunting and very new experience for a lot of university graduates. It is difficult to know what to expect as the experience is very foreign. If you are finding you lack the confidence, it might be a good idea to start with an internship to test the waters.

Also, if you are not particularly sure about which career path to take, being involved in at number of different internships that are still relevant to your degree can be helpful as you can learn and gain the confidence of what you like and what you don’t like.

That way, when it comes to choosing the start of your career path, you have a bit more confidence that you are making the right choice. The options are essentially endless these days, so you want to ensure you have all the options open to you and the confidence to choose the correct one.


Probably the main reason to consider an internship, the experience! You probably have little to no experience in the workforce of your chosen career. An internship is the perfect way to dip your toe in the water and gain really valuable experience that you can take with you to the next stage in your career.

You will learn so much in your internship and start to build up your experience bank to take with you when you graduate and beyond. The experience is also important to help you land your next role. So it is vital that if you haven’t already, you start to think about an internship.

The Top 5 Choices For A Fabulously Flashy Sydney Cosmetic Tattoo

Cosmetologist doing an eyebrow tattoo in Sydney to a female customer

These days, getting a Sydney cosmetic tattoo is becoming the trend, not only in the city – but around the world. The range of options being thrown at us is overwhelming at the best of times with so many ways to upgrade our looks with a few spots of ink and a trained eye.

With so many choices at our fingertips for a semi-permanent Sydney cosmetic tattoo, we thought we’d lighten to load and give our personal choices for our personal favourites in the field.

The Top 5

1.   Microblading

One of the foremost and popular options for a cosmetic tattoo is an eyebrow tattoo in Sydney or more commonly known as microblading. Gaining a worldwide appeal and prominence in no small part thanks to social media and socialites touting it as the next big trend.

The process involves the precise use of a manual needle and ink to spot through the eyebrow area to facilitate the illusion of a thicker or more shaped brow. While it depends on the beautician you visit, it may be called something like ‘brow feathering’ or ‘semi-permanent brows’, the concept remains the same. Although, don’t get caught out between the permanent and semi-permanent options as there are some who offer a permanent brow.

2.   Freckles

A niche choice for Sydney cosmetic tattoo lovers, the freckle range is divisive in the beauty community due mainly to the excessive after-care that goes into the process. It is how it sounds, with the concept being singular spots of the face or body being marked with a natural looking ink to showcase a more freckled and innocent look for the wearer. Particularly popular for people who have lost their freckles over the years and yearn for the look once again.

Due to the ink fading faster and in different rates, this Sydney cosmetic tattoo is a choice for those who have the time and patience for continual checks and updates over shorter spans of time.

3.   Eyeliner

Another very popular option for the Sydney cosmetic tattoo industry, this process involves the use of a very precise hand to ink the eyeline for a semi-permanent eyeliner look. This is particularly favoured by those in the community who have thinner or patchy eyelashes and want to bolden up their look with a natural alternative to consistent make-up touch ups.

This popular Sydney cosmetic tattoo also has the caveat of lasting for quite a while with the proper care, which can save precious moments in the morning for a long time to come.

4.   Lip Blushing

One for the braver souls, this instance of a Sydney cosmetic tattoo looks beautiful in the end but takes a high pain threshold to achieve. The process involves adding a blushed colour to the lips – this can make the hue look however the wearer desires without going to the blush every so often. The pain threshold kicks in with the necessity to often have multiple touch ups before the end result is achieved. This is due to the pigment in lips taking a few more rounds to achieve a noticeable change.

However, for those who yearn for a bold and alternative look, this style of Sydney cosmetic tattoo could be the one for you. 

5.   Scar Coverings

One of our personal favourite uses of a Sydney cosmetic tattoo lies in the use of the process to cover scars and markings. Previous years had less elegant solutions to cover scarring or other unwanted marks, however with the advent of the modern Sydney cosmetic tattoo, there are a range of beauty options to subtly enhance the good and hide the unwanted. This is a personal favourite of ours as it gives people the chance to feel confident again, without resorting to painful treatments.